Wk 13: Student Interview-Nallely Silva

Today I got the privilege to interview and talk with Nalley Silva! Right off the bat we learned that we are both second years and have both lived in the dorms! She lived in Beachside, where she’s still currently living, and I lived in Parkside. Then we started talking about her major and I found out that her first year she was a Pre-Nursing major and then realized how hard it was and all she wanted to do was work with kids. So she decided to switch to Child Development. I asked her what she wanted to do with that and she answered that she wanted to be a Child Specialist, and I thought that was amazing!

Nallely’s hometown is Palm Dale. At first I had no idea where that was but once she said it was kind of by Bakersfield I got a better sense of where she comes from. We then started talking about her hobbies and I learned that she loves eating out! That is also something else we share in common. Food is a hobbie of mine at well. Then I learned that she also likes to hangout with her boyfriend and friends. I learned that she met her boyfriend in high school and they ended up going to Cal State Long Beach together and also are in the same Art class!

We started talking about college and I asked her what her favorite class she has taken here so far was, and she said Physiology. She laughed and said it was really hard but she finds the human body fascinating. She loves learning about our brains and they way our body works. We then started talking about movies and so I asked her what her favorite one was. She said it was so hard to pick because she likes so many! Finally she narrowed it down to one, and said A Walk to Remember was her favorite. I really loved talking to Nallely better, and I am glad I got to interview her.



Wk 11: Student Interview-Danielle Elemento

For this weeks interview I had the pleasure of talking to Danielle and getting to know her a little bit better. We had a lot of things in common and one of those things was that she likes to play volleyball and loves going to the beach. I then told her that I was taking a volleyball class and how much fun it is and she explained that she was trying to get on an intramural team. She also talked about how she loves to go to the beach and go out to eat with her friends, which I thought was funny because thats all I do. My favorite things are too go to the beach and eat out, so we kept talking and found out that we were also both in sororities. Danielle is in a cultural sorority called Chi Delta Theta and she found it because her sister was also involved in it. Her sister graduated and is still in touch with her friends from the sorority so Danielle decided she wanted that connection with people and be around that environment so she joined one, and is loving it.

I also found out that Danielle plays the piano and loves to sing which I think is so great because I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. We then talked about how she really wanted to go to a UC but it was too expensive and she did not want to have huge amounts of student loans so she decided to go to CSULB because it was affordable and close to home.

I then learned that Danielle is a first year and her major is psychology. She wants to be a therapist and work with kids that have mental and physical disabilities. She wants to do simple activities that will help the kids everyday life. She figured out she wanted to work with kids because every Sunday she works with them at church and she loves it. She then explained that even if being a therapist or working with kids does not make her a lot of money, it doesn’t matter because she wants to do something she loves and be happy in life. I really enjoyed talking with Danielle and I am really glad I got to know her better.


Wk 11: Artist Interview-Jerry and Kyle

For this week I interviewed the artists Jerry and Kyle because I loved their art. I walked into the Dr. Maxine Merline Gallery and immediately fell in love with their art pieces and how they set up the room. It had this urban feel and I loved how everything was set up. So far it was one of my favorite pieces and I really enjoyed walking around and talking with these two artists. I love their style of the urban city feel because I love graffiti and I thought their expression of it was really awesome.

While talking with the artists we asked how they became a team and started working together. They laughed and said at first they did not really like each other. They had a lot of the same classes and noticed that their art was really similar. They kept having the same classes and over a year ago they started to become friends and worked together with their art. They both are graduated and want to get their masters somewhere in the LA area. After getting to know the artists better I asked them how long it took them to set up the showroom. They said it took them 15 hours to get it all together and they joked they only had one pizza break. Then I asked how long it took them to gather and figure out all their art and they said to create everything it took them 3 months to make the pieces. It made me realize how long and how hard these artists work and it made me have so much respect for them.

The urban feel of their artwork came from their work experience since they work in LA and they started bringing their work and work atmosphere to the gallery. I really enjoyed their show and so far it was my favorite piece. I was happy to have experienced their artwork.


wk 10: activity: students choice

For this weeks activity I decided to be creative and put on a song that means a lot to me and add my own touch to it. The song is by Tyrone Wells and it’s called “More”. When I was in high school this artist came to sing this song at one of our chapels and it just hit me and got me through a lot of hardships. My goal was to show people the lyrics so maybe it could help them too and putting a little creative background behind and make it more personal to me. I really enjoyed how it came out and I hope everyone enjoys it as well!  


Wk 10: Artist Interview-Dawn Ertl

The artist I chose to interview this week was Dawn Ertl. As soon as I walked into the room I was instantly curious about the art and the artist who created it. It was very different and unique, and looked like it took a lot of time to create. There was so much detail and so many different kind of fabric that was used to create this form of art. I wondered if she created all the patterns by hand and her answer was yes! I was blown away because the entire gallery was filled with so much complicated pieces. I admired her dedication. Then she laughed during our interview when someone asked if she had a favorite. Her answer was she likes her artwork and thinks it all looks good. Which I obviously had to agree with, as did everyone in the room.

Ertl then went on to explain how her artwork came about and what materials were used to make it. Her artwork was recycled pieces of “trash”. Trash meaning plastic bags and yarn and many other different kinds of material. She got most of the materials from her family and friends, which Im sure came in handy and saved a lot of money. Dawn loved taking trash and making it beautiful. That saying came to my mind when she said that because I thought it fit perfectly, “One mans trash is another mans treasure”. I loved the idea that she took something that people found worthless and made it into something everyone admired.

When someone asked how she envisioned her artwork, they asked what did she see first? Dawns answer was that she always knew her art pieces were going to hang from the ceiling, and from there she kind of worked with the space she had and made it work in her favor. She also knew what colors she was going to use before she started working and knew how it was going to be woven. I realized then how much planning an artist must do before a show, and made me appreciate their time and work that much more. Before she started her work, she sketched it and made different models of space to plan the show. I really loved learning more about Dawn and her artwork, and I am glad I got to experience watching her show, she is a talented artist.


Wk: 10-Interview with Classmate Janelle Reyes

For this week I interviewed a classmate named Janelle Reyes. I found out a lot about her and it turns out that we like a lot of the same things! She loves going to music festivals and loves all kinds of music. We also both love The Great Gatsby and reading! I also learned that she is undeclared. She used to be Pre Nursing, but it was too much so she switched. I also did the same thing my major freshmen year because Biology was too much. I asked her what major she was maybe leaning towards and she said Health Care Administration which I found really interesting. Another thing we have in common is that she lives in Parkside, and in the building H. As a freshmen that was my building! I then asked what her hobbies were and found out that she loves to play the guitar, sing, and listen to music.

Then I asked her what he favorite music was and she answered sick music. Which is cool because I also like sick music but then I asked her to specify and she said that she likes folk, indie rock, and hip hop! Thats when we learned that we both love going to concerts and music festivals, but we are both broke college students that cannot afford tickets.

Then I found out that she is from Northern California and I asked her if she was going there for spring break, and she said yes and that she is excited to visit her family but will miss all her friends back here. We started then talking about our love for movies and books and I found out her favorite book is East of Eden, and her favorite movie is 500 days of Summer, which I also love! I loved getting to know Janelle, and I am super glad I got to meet her!


Wk 9: Activity-Architecture and Urban Planning

For my redesign for the CSULB campus, I chose the parking. There are multiple parking lots, but most of them are only for teachers or you can only park there with a specific permit until after 5:30. As college students who are often not very wealthy, we are not going to pay for more then one parking pass because they are outrageously expensive. So, my idea is to fill in the empty space with more parking lots for ANYONE to park in. As a student who has been late to class multiple times because I cannot find parking, I think many people would benefit towards this. The empty places Im thinking of putting more parking would be the random place by the dorms. There is a huge area of just grass facing Bellflower by the Hillside dorms, and if we could turn that into parking, it would help the other lots not to fill up as fast. There are also empty spaces by the Parkside Dorms also towards Bellflower. If we could fill these spaces up with more places to park I feel like many people would benefit from this and make CSULB a better campus.

The building I decided to adopt was Peterson Hall 2. The reason why I chose this building was because my favorite class was taught in that building. English 100 is my favorite class so far and I really enjoyed the essays we wrote and the articles we read. It really improved my writing and I loved the class and the professor as well. When I went back to that building I went to the old room to see if the same class was being taught there. It wasn’t.

Then I walked around to other rooms to see if English was also being taught but I couldn’t find my professor. Then I realized that this building is not just dedicated to Science like the Hall of Science of the Theater building just for artistic classes. It was a building filled with random classes like Anthro, and Comm, and English, and African Studies. I then asked a random student who was walking down the halls that if they knew what this building was originally built for and they said it was the old science building. So then I went to the new Hall of Science building and asked where science was held before this was built, and sure enough it was in PH 1 and 2!

Then I came to the conclusion that after the new and shiny science building was built, PH 2 was kind of left in the dust. But I asked the students if they enjoyed the classes they were being taught in, in PH 2 and they all said they loved it! So the building is cherished for the wonderful, yet random classes that are being taught in it. After that no one really knew about its history or the purpose of this hall, but I am really glad that I chose to adopt it and learn more about its background and to find out that other students love it as well. Even though its not as new and shiny as the new Hall of Science building.