Wk 15: Student Interview: Kyle Dinsmore

Kyle Dinsmore is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and is a business major. When I asked him what he wanted to do with that major he said he wasn’t sure and did not know if he was going to stick with it yet. He said that he really enjoys math nut he doesn’t want to work behind a desk all day. Kyle is from around here, specifically Fountain Valley.

In Kyle’s free time he likes to play basketball with his friends and loves to do outdoorsy things like hiking and going to the beach. I asked Kyle if he had any plans for the summer and he said that he is hoping to get a job at the Hyatt in Huntington. He has friends that also work there and he wants to work with them and be near the beach. He is also planning on going to New York to visit his family.

On the topic of traveling I asked Kyle if he could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? His answer was Australia and Tahiti! I thought that was so funny because the two main places I really want to go is somewhere tropical and Australia as well! Then we somehow got on the topic of cake and its different flavors so I asked him what his favorite flavor of cake was and he answered marble cake. I asked what that was and he said it was kind of like a bundt cake but all throughout the cake had both vanilla and chocolate batter. He said he would top off his cake with oreos and cherries! It was really cool getting to know Kyle more, and I hope he has a great summer filled with marble cake.


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