Wk 15: Artist Interview: Nick Stiles

Nick Stiles had some amazing art pieces up in the Gatov West gallery. Even though that gallery was filled with tons of other artists and pieces, his work just grabbed my attention. The way it was displayed and the beautiful details to the drawings, it was so amazing how someone can draw something so perfect!

Stiles was born and raised in Rio Vista. I asked where Rio Vista was because I had no idea but he told me it was this little town in California located in the heart of Sacramento. I thought that was really cool because I have never been there, but I love Northern California so I said I would take a trip up there.

We then started talking about how he got into the crazy details of anatomy, because it really stands out in his drawings. He said that at a young age he was fascinated with morbidity and human anatomy. He then told me that he became skilled at anatomical structure and form of human and animals.

I asked him how he would describe his style and he said people have said it to be intense and confident. He also said that he likes to draw pictures that narrate something. Like either a mural or storyboarding. It was really fascinating to find out more about Stiles and his style. I was glad I got to into him and experience his unique artwork.



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