Wk 14: Classmate Interview: Monica Navarro

For this weeks interview I got to talk too Monica! I learned a lot about her and one of the things that I learned was that she is a third year who is a sociology major. She used to do that with criminal justice but she did research about that major and it scared her and so now she changed it to human resources. I can relate to being scared of a major because I too changed my Bio major once I found out how hard it was and how much schooling I had to do. So after I found out that we had that in common I found out she also is from the area. She grew up in Bellflower and went to Bellflower High, and her and my high school played against each other in sports! The sport she played in high school was soccer and I thought that was really cool because all my best friends played soccer as well.

Then she told me she played on the inner mural soccer team her first year in college but realized it was too hard to do once she got a job. She now works in Bellflower at a park! She organizes events at the park for kids and parties and fundraisers! She says she loves her job, especially in the summer because she gets to work with all the kids!

Monica loves to play sports and go to Dodger games and hang out with her friends and eat food! Those are all the things that I love to do as well! Except Im an Angel fan. I asked her if she ever lived in the dorms and she said no that she lives at home and commutes! I then asked her what her favorite movie was and she said she doesn’t watch movies! So then I asked what her favorite book was and she replied she doesn’t read books! Then I asked her what her favorite T.V. show was and she laughed and said that she also doesn’t really watch tv. She explained that she is so busy with school and work that she rarely has time to do those things! I understand that because as college students its hard to balance everything! It was really great to meet Monica and get to know her better!



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