Wk 14: Artist Interview: Maritza Reyes Munguia

Today when I walked into the gallery I saw this amazing art piece that stood out! It had an amazing color scheme and it was 3D and things were coming out of the wall! It was really beautiful! So I told myself that I had to find out more about this artist! Munguia sees herself as an adventurer and a risk taker! I can see that through her art piece because it is so bold and different. For this piece of art she decided to move away from art on a canvas. She went with paper as her medium because she can do so much with it!

She explained that she can add and remove and reconstruct with paper and it makes the piece so much more interesting. She likes the shadows that it casts as well and she wants the viewer to see what they see because the pattern can be taken in so many different ways. Munguia takes pleasure in exploring all the different ways the paper goes and the shadows that are created.

She likes that she can repeat patterns and colors and space and make a beautiful piece of art that everyone can see but interpret differently. Either with certain memories in space and time. I really enjoyed learning more about this artist and finding out how she came up with the idea of using paper and coming up with this beautiful art piece.



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