Wk 13: Student Interview-Nallely Silva

Today I got the privilege to interview and talk with Nalley Silva! Right off the bat we learned that we are both second years and have both lived in the dorms! She lived in Beachside, where she’s still currently living, and I lived in Parkside. Then we started talking about her major and I found out that her first year she was a Pre-Nursing major and then realized how hard it was and all she wanted to do was work with kids. So she decided to switch to Child Development. I asked her what she wanted to do with that and she answered that she wanted to be a Child Specialist, and I thought that was amazing!

Nallely’s hometown is Palm Dale. At first I had no idea where that was but once she said it was kind of by Bakersfield I got a better sense of where she comes from. We then started talking about her hobbies and I learned that she loves eating out! That is also something else we share in common. Food is a hobbie of mine at well. Then I learned that she also likes to hangout with her boyfriend and friends. I learned that she met her boyfriend in high school and they ended up going to Cal State Long Beach together and also are in the same Art class!

We started talking about college and I asked her what her favorite class she has taken here so far was, and she said Physiology. She laughed and said it was really hard but she finds the human body fascinating. She loves learning about our brains and they way our body works. We then started talking about movies and so I asked her what her favorite one was. She said it was so hard to pick because she likes so many! Finally she narrowed it down to one, and said A Walk to Remember was her favorite. I really loved talking to Nallely better, and I am glad I got to interview her.


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