Wk 13: Student Interview: Matt Do

My other classmate that I had the honor of talking with this week was Matt Do! I have met him before and I am shocked its taken me this long to interview him because he seems like such a cool guy, but better late then never! So during our interview I learned interesting things about Matt. For one he loves going to the beach! Anything to do with the ocean he loves. For example he loves to surf and body surf! I learned that he is also a lifeguard at Huntington, and so I obviously asked if he’s saved anyone before and his answer was yes! He has saved a bunch of people, which I thought was pretty cool.

Matt is from Huntington Beach and has been a lifeguard there for four years! He later told me that overall he has saved over 400 lives. I thought that was insane because Ive never even saved one life. Besides being at the beach he loves to hangout with his friends! I then learned that he went to Edison High School, and is a second year here at Cal State Long Beach.

He is a Nutrition Major and he wants to be a Firefighter or a Paramedic when he graduates, which I also thought was cool because I guess he just loves to save lives. I really enjoyed getting to finally interview Matt and getting to know him better!



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