Wk 13: Artist Interview: Shihori Nakayama

My other artist that I got to interview this week was Shihori Nakayama. Her pieces of work were amazing and I really enjoyed her show! While talking with her I learned that her pieces of art were based off of her personal life. Most of her artwork were about people and places that are extremely important to her. Her artwork was created from imagination but based off of her memories using personal photographs.

She specifically redraws from those photographs and tries to reclaim those memories and create a visual interpretation of how she feels during those times. Either with those specific individuals are places. Her choices of tools to create these beautiful pieces of artwork were pen and ink and also printmaking. Her art pieces were so beautiful and delicate looking! As soon as I walked into Nakayamas show I fell in love with all the light colors and beautiful canvases of art. Shihori also explained that many of the pieces came from her favorite childhood stories she once loved.

She wants to engage her viewers and let them into her life experiences through her art. Her art shows pieces of her life and what is important to her. Nakayama loves showing her art and it is one of the main reason she loves to draw and create her beautiful pieces of art. Her art is her voice she says and it is telling her side of the story! I really enjoyed her beautiful artwork and her beautiful words! I loved Nakayamas show!



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