Wk 13: Artist Interview: Marty Knop

For this week I decided to interview the very talented artist, Marty Knop. As soon as I walked into the gallery I realized how amazing the art pieces were! They were so different then everything Ive seen so I had to know more about what went into making these awesome art pieces! I learned that Knop used computer imaging to create these masterpieces. He came up with algorithms and codes to develop the designs. After manipulating and altering the data off the computer he came up with these amazing designs that almost look like a painting or drawing.

He also explained that his artwork is really tied to math in a beautiful way. Knop said that shapes are best described through mathematical notation. Knop said generating the shapes on a computer leads to various amounts of shapes and forms. Knop loves patterns and randomness and tries to incorporate that into his work. If art is random it contains a lot of information and it helps it not to be repetitive. He also explained that he tried to use simple yet random patterning so his art viewers will be well stimulated and engaged.

I found Knop’s art to be both of things! I really enjoyed talking with him and learning more about his art because I would have never guess he used a computer to generate all those fun patterns. I admire his work because I could not imagine how tough it would be to come up with those codes to create such amazing art!



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