Wk 11: Student Interview-Danielle Elemento

For this weeks interview I had the pleasure of talking to Danielle and getting to know her a little bit better. We had a lot of things in common and one of those things was that she likes to play volleyball and loves going to the beach. I then told her that I was taking a volleyball class and how much fun it is and she explained that she was trying to get on an intramural team. She also talked about how she loves to go to the beach and go out to eat with her friends, which I thought was funny because thats all I do. My favorite things are too go to the beach and eat out, so we kept talking and found out that we were also both in sororities. Danielle is in a cultural sorority called Chi Delta Theta and she found it because her sister was also involved in it. Her sister graduated and is still in touch with her friends from the sorority so Danielle decided she wanted that connection with people and be around that environment so she joined one, and is loving it.

I also found out that Danielle plays the piano and loves to sing which I think is so great because I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. We then talked about how she really wanted to go to a UC but it was too expensive and she did not want to have huge amounts of student loans so she decided to go to CSULB because it was affordable and close to home.

I then learned that Danielle is a first year and her major is psychology. She wants to be a therapist and work with kids that have mental and physical disabilities. She wants to do simple activities that will help the kids everyday life. She figured out she wanted to work with kids because every Sunday she works with them at church and she loves it. She then explained that even if being a therapist or working with kids does not make her a lot of money, it doesn’t matter because she wants to do something she loves and be happy in life. I really enjoyed talking with Danielle and I am really glad I got to know her better.


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