Wk 11: Artist Interview-Jerry and Kyle

For this week I interviewed the artists Jerry and Kyle because I loved their art. I walked into the Dr. Maxine Merline Gallery and immediately fell in love with their art pieces and how they set up the room. It had this urban feel and I loved how everything was set up. So far it was one of my favorite pieces and I really enjoyed walking around and talking with these two artists. I love their style of the urban city feel because I love graffiti and I thought their expression of it was really awesome.

While talking with the artists we asked how they became a team and started working together. They laughed and said at first they did not really like each other. They had a lot of the same classes and noticed that their art was really similar. They kept having the same classes and over a year ago they started to become friends and worked together with their art. They both are graduated and want to get their masters somewhere in the LA area. After getting to know the artists better I asked them how long it took them to set up the showroom. They said it took them 15 hours to get it all together and they joked they only had one pizza break. Then I asked how long it took them to gather and figure out all their art and they said to create everything it took them 3 months to make the pieces. It made me realize how long and how hard these artists work and it made me have so much respect for them.

The urban feel of their artwork came from their work experience since they work in LA and they started bringing their work and work atmosphere to the gallery. I really enjoyed their show and so far it was my favorite piece. I was happy to have experienced their artwork.


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