Wk: 10-Interview with Classmate Janelle Reyes

For this week I interviewed a classmate named Janelle Reyes. I found out a lot about her and it turns out that we like a lot of the same things! She loves going to music festivals and loves all kinds of music. We also both love The Great Gatsby and reading! I also learned that she is undeclared. She used to be Pre Nursing, but it was too much so she switched. I also did the same thing my major freshmen year because Biology was too much. I asked her what major she was maybe leaning towards and she said Health Care Administration which I found really interesting. Another thing we have in common is that she lives in Parkside, and in the building H. As a freshmen that was my building! I then asked what her hobbies were and found out that she loves to play the guitar, sing, and listen to music.

Then I asked her what he favorite music was and she answered sick music. Which is cool because I also like sick music but then I asked her to specify and she said that she likes folk, indie rock, and hip hop! Thats when we learned that we both love going to concerts and music festivals, but we are both broke college students that cannot afford tickets.

Then I found out that she is from Northern California and I asked her if she was going there for spring break, and she said yes and that she is excited to visit her family but will miss all her friends back here. We started then talking about our love for movies and books and I found out her favorite book is East of Eden, and her favorite movie is 500 days of Summer, which I also love! I loved getting to know Janelle, and I am super glad I got to meet her!


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