Wk 10: Artist Interview-Dawn Ertl

The artist I chose to interview this week was Dawn Ertl. As soon as I walked into the room I was instantly curious about the art and the artist who created it. It was very different and unique, and looked like it took a lot of time to create. There was so much detail and so many different kind of fabric that was used to create this form of art. I wondered if she created all the patterns by hand and her answer was yes! I was blown away because the entire gallery was filled with so much complicated pieces. I admired her dedication. Then she laughed during our interview when someone asked if she had a favorite. Her answer was she likes her artwork and thinks it all looks good. Which I obviously had to agree with, as did everyone in the room.

Ertl then went on to explain how her artwork came about and what materials were used to make it. Her artwork was recycled pieces of “trash”. Trash meaning plastic bags and yarn and many other different kinds of material. She got most of the materials from her family and friends, which Im sure came in handy and saved a lot of money. Dawn loved taking trash and making it beautiful. That saying came to my mind when she said that because I thought it fit perfectly, “One mans trash is another mans treasure”. I loved the idea that she took something that people found worthless and made it into something everyone admired.

When someone asked how she envisioned her artwork, they asked what did she see first? Dawns answer was that she always knew her art pieces were going to hang from the ceiling, and from there she kind of worked with the space she had and made it work in her favor. She also knew what colors she was going to use before she started working and knew how it was going to be woven. I realized then how much planning an artist must do before a show, and made me appreciate their time and work that much more. Before she started her work, she sketched it and made different models of space to plan the show. I really loved learning more about Dawn and her artwork, and I am glad I got to experience watching her show, she is a talented artist.


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