Wk 9: Activity-Architecture and Urban Planning

For my redesign for the CSULB campus, I chose the parking. There are multiple parking lots, but most of them are only for teachers or you can only park there with a specific permit until after 5:30. As college students who are often not very wealthy, we are not going to pay for more then one parking pass because they are outrageously expensive. So, my idea is to fill in the empty space with more parking lots for ANYONE to park in. As a student who has been late to class multiple times because I cannot find parking, I think many people would benefit towards this. The empty places Im thinking of putting more parking would be the random place by the dorms. There is a huge area of just grass facing Bellflower by the Hillside dorms, and if we could turn that into parking, it would help the other lots not to fill up as fast. There are also empty spaces by the Parkside Dorms also towards Bellflower. If we could fill these spaces up with more places to park I feel like many people would benefit from this and make CSULB a better campus.

The building I decided to adopt was Peterson Hall 2. The reason why I chose this building was because my favorite class was taught in that building. English 100 is my favorite class so far and I really enjoyed the essays we wrote and the articles we read. It really improved my writing and I loved the class and the professor as well. When I went back to that building I went to the old room to see if the same class was being taught there. It wasn’t.

Then I walked around to other rooms to see if English was also being taught but I couldn’t find my professor. Then I realized that this building is not just dedicated to Science like the Hall of Science of the Theater building just for artistic classes. It was a building filled with random classes like Anthro, and Comm, and English, and African Studies. I then asked a random student who was walking down the halls that if they knew what this building was originally built for and they said it was the old science building. So then I went to the new Hall of Science building and asked where science was held before this was built, and sure enough it was in PH 1 and 2!

Then I came to the conclusion that after the new and shiny science building was built, PH 2 was kind of left in the dust. But I asked the students if they enjoyed the classes they were being taught in, in PH 2 and they all said they loved it! So the building is cherished for the wonderful, yet random classes that are being taught in it. After that no one really knew about its history or the purpose of this hall, but I am really glad that I chose to adopt it and learn more about its background and to find out that other students love it as well. Even though its not as new and shiny as the new Hall of Science building.



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