Wk 9: Artist Interview-Ralph Acosta

This week the artists work I chose to write about was Ralph Acosta. As soon as I walked into the Marilyn Werby Gallery I immediately saw this really cool piece of art. It was a pack of cigarettes and an ash tray with smoked cigarettes inside of it. Around the cigarettes were Chanel perfume cards and a martini glass in the back. I thought that was super interesting because I have never seen art like that before, and it was so raw and edgy. I really enjoyed his art, especially the postcards. They were blown up postcards of the many homes he lived in all around Los Angeles. He called this piece “Home “Sweet” Home”. The reason why the postcards were so big was because during this part of his childhood he was carrying somethings that were too big for a child to be carrying. The largeness of the postcards resembles the huge responsibility and sadness Acosta had to deal with as a child.

His art pieces were inspired by his childhood in the Wilshire District in Los Angeles. He had a rough time during a portion of his childhood and his siblings and cousins found solace in the Ambassador hotel right across the street from where they lived. He took an interesting spin on all the hardships he went through and decided to shine a more positive light on the memories he made as a child growing up in such a historic part of his neighborhood. The places he lived in the Wilshire District really seemed liked home to him during those tough times.

Acosta also shares that now the Ambassador hotel is no longer around, but whenever he drives around the streets where it used to stand, it brings up all of his childhood memories. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of Acosta’s art, and was really glad I got to get to know the artist on a more deeper level. His passion and hardships really help the viewers to connect to his art pieces, and sympathize with him. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you Acosta!


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