Wk 9: Classmate Interview: Sarah Schneider

This week I got the privilege to talk with Sarah Shneider! I noticed her right away from my history class and I was so excited to get to know more about her. We had a lot of things in common, I found out that she’s a second year just like me and is also from Long Beach! She went to Los Alamitos High School which is really close to my high school. Then we started talking about majors and I found out that she is a Health Science Major. I asked her what she wanted to do with that and she said she wanted to be a radiologist. I thought that was super interesting. I mean looking at bones on an X-RAY and helping people sounds awesome. Then I found out that she would be going to school for 8-12 years for that profession, and that showed me that she is really dedicated and cares about her education and her future job. Then I asked her where she wanted to go grad school and she told me Long Beach.

Our conversation then moved to if we could travel anywhere, where would it be? Our answers were both the same, Australia! Then she said that she wanted to backpack around Europe as well. From there we started talking about our favorite childhood movies and she told me that she loved anything Disney. I also love Disney movies so that was yet another thing we had in common. I asked her then who her favorite actor was and she answered Ian Somerhalder, who is an actor from the show Vampire Diaries, which is my favorite show!

Then we learned that our dogs were named the same, Coco! I thought that was so funny because so far we already had so many similar interests and they just kept adding up! Then I asked her what her favorite animal and she told me a Tiger! The last question I asked Sarah was what would her dream job be. Like if she could do anything no matter about money or schooling or anything, and her answer was she would be an actress just like Jennifer Lawrence. I really enjoyed talking with Sarah and Im glad we got to know each other a little better!


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