Wk 8: student interview-Anthony Gonzalez 

The first thing that I learned about Anthony was that his major was business. Then we talked about what he wanted to do with that and I learned he wanted to open up his own gym for kids who are obese and help them feel comfortable and learn how to workout and lead a healthy life. I found this really cool and unique because I’ve never heard of someone wanting to do that before! 

Then he started talking about his hobbies and I found out that he likes to box! He has been in a couple matches and actually teaches a class at the rec and I thought that was awesome! Then I found out that he also works with kids and teaches them how to swim. He talked about that for a little while and told me how much he loved it but once in a while he has to clean up kids puke which isn’t fun. We then found out we know some of the same people because we are both from long beach and in the same grade. I thought that was funny because I rarely meet someone at school that’s actually from long beach. I found out that he went to Wilson which is super close to where I live and I thought it was cool we had a lot of things in common. 

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