Wk 8: Remix Activity 

Internet is such a huge part of today’s culture. It has the ability to create incredible things that make our world a better place. Like music and so many forms of art. Remixing music is a big part of the music industry today. Is it a good copy right or a bad one? For me the answer is good! People are taking beautiful musical pieces and combining it to their own music to make something incredibly amazing and creative. Copyrights should be more laxed so people can have the freedom to create amazing music that everyone loves to dance too. Isn’t that what DJs do at shows and clubs? Why can’t everyone do that. The license I chose for my website was Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC because people can tweak and remake whatever they want as long as they claim it as their own.

 For the activity I took my two favorite songs by completely different artists and combined them together. I took the first 3 lines from The Dirty Heads song “Lay Me Down” and Blake Sheltons “My Eyes” and combined them. The first line highlighted in yellow is Dirty Heads and the second one in purple is the first line from Blake Shelton and kept repeating these steps. The song comes out kind of like a poem and they both talk about a girl and running away with each other and how the girl looks. I love how one artist is Country and the other Reggae but that both connect. I really enjoyed this activity and mixing my two favorite songs. 

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