Wk 8: Artist Interview-Brian Davis

The first thing I noticed as soon as I walked into the Gatov West Gallery was the huge juicing area. There was a huge set up of veggies, fruit, a juicer, and cups so people could try the juice. I thought this is awesome free juice and great conversation! The juicer was named Brian Davis and he had really interesting outlook on life, and yes I found this out from asking him about juice. He has been at CSULB for four years, and he explained that everything he does is interactive. Whether its juicing or whatever he does its always social. I asked him if he ever gets sick of juicing and his answer was obvious: “NO”. How could one get sick of making delicious drinks that makes peoples day! He was a really cool guy because right then someone broke a piece of glass and he just laughs and says that art is all about modifying and creating.

I asked what got him so pumped about juicing and he said it changed his life. He bought his juicer and started making healthier lifestyle choices. The fresh all natural veggies and fruits he was drinking gave him so much energy he didn’t know what to do with it. So he started running and then went to the gym every week and it made his life so much happier. He just wanted to share that with others too! He spends over hundreds of dollars on juice because eating organic can be on the pricier side but it helps you stay strong and healthy so its worth it. I was honestly surprised when I saw a random guy making juice in the gallery, but I am so glad that I went there. It was a really cool experience talking about juice and meeting new people by bonding over the juice. It made my day, and now I think Im going to start juicing…

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