Wk 6: Interview with classmate-Anissa Torres

For this weeks interview I talked to my fellow classmate named Anissa. She told me that she was a freshmen and that she went to high school at Wilson, and right off the bat we had something in common! She knew about my high school because we played each other in sports, and from there I found out she played soccer! Then we started talking about how busy our schedules were because of school and jobs, and then she explained that she worked at Baskin Robbins. Which I think is an awesome job because who doesn’t love ice cream. Then she also said that with her free time she likes to hangout with her friends and her boyfriend!

Then we started talking about our majors and I found out that she is undeclared, but her dream job would be a physical therapist. I found that super interesting because I know a ton of people who want that as a career and I think it would be so much fun. So after talking about her dream job she said that she was leaning more towards a kin major. Then we started talking about music and what kinds we like to listen too. Anissa said that her new favorite singers were Chris Brown and Tray Songz. She said that she just started to get really into them and her favorite song is New Flame by Chris Brown.

So after talking to Anissa I realized how much we had in common, and its nice meeting people who also are from long beach and know that area! I enjoyed getting to know her better, and loved our interview!


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