Wk 6: Interview with artist-Alanna Marcelletti

This week I interviewed the artist Alanna Marcelletti. As soon as I walked into Gatov West Gallery, I was instantly drawn to her unique art pieces. One was 3D while the other paintings also came off the canvas. It was so different then all the other art, so it was easy to pick her to interview. Our conversation started off by me asking her when she started to paint. She said that she has always been painting. Even in grade school she was always hands on. She took art in high school and that really started the ball rolling. She explained that to her art isn’t even work or a job. She sees is as fun so literally the time flies when she’s working on an art piece. The only thing she focuses on is that art piece and before she knows it hours have flown by.

She then said that her artwork is inspired by domestic experiences of women. I asked her to elaborate more on that and she explained that she is really inspired when she sees furniture in a home. I thought that was so interesting, and as she said that her art made more sense. The 3D piece looked like a piece of furniture, and I found it so fascinating that she was inspired by something that we see as so common. I don’t see a couch and think art, but she is so creative that she sees something special and turns it into amazing pieces of art.

I then asked her what her favorite piece was and she said that was so hard because she loves all of them. But if she had to pick it would have been the fold out one because it was so experimental. I asked her when all of her artwork was done and she said the entire collection was started from December on. She said that she finds herself most productive when it is the middle of the night. Sometimes she will stay up until 4 in the morning working on something. I found Alanna’s artwork so amazing and unique and I loved interviewing her and having the privilege to see her art.

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