Wk 5: interview with Hannah Drake

Today I interviewed Hannah Drake. I’m met Hannah on the first day of class and we went to Venice Beach together. After going to Venice Beach I realize that I wanted to learn more about Hannah and become closer with her. I realize the best way to get to know her better was by interviewing her for my blog. I asked her many questions about her self and these were her answers.

The first question I asked was what is your favorite color and she replied purple. The second question I asked was if you could be any animal what would you be. She replied a dolphin so she could breathe underwater. Also because her favorite animal is a dolphin. The third question I asked Hannah is what do you want to be when you graduate. Her answer was a physical therapist. I thought that was really interesting because you can tell Hannah is an athletic person.

Then I asked Hannah what you like to do for fun and she replied anything active like hiking, surfing, and going on runs. After her answer I realized we had a lot more in common. Then planned a beach day so we could go surfing. The last question I asked Hannah was if you could have any name what would it be? She replied she would name her self Ella because it’s different. After this interview I found out a lot about Hannah and I’m really stoked to be better friends with her.



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