Wk 5: Interview with Brianna Allen

For this weeks artist interview I decided to choose Brianna Allen. Her art was amazing and different and pulled my attention so I thought it would be perfect to interview her and get to know her and her art better. The first interesting thing that I learned about Brianna was that she lived in Germany! I thought that was crazy cool because I have always wanted to travel and visit there. Our conversation then progressed into talking about how beautiful Germany was and how it was such an inspiration, not only the scenery but the people living there as well.

Then we talked about other sources that she gets her inspiration from. She said that when she looks at other art she uses it as a source of information, not just a picture. She lets her mind and body absorb the piece and then eventually it will be portrayed from her hands into the piece of art she is making. I thought that was really interesting that she doesn’t just use her mind but also her body and soul to make her pieces. That just shows how much passion she has for art and I really admired that.

She then talked about how she liked to incorporate metals, plastic glass and other materials into her artwork. She said that limiting herself to just certain materials is not beneficial. She has an open mind to everything because thats part of the creativity process. She said that she also likes to weld and sand her pieces and that takes talent to do that. Theres no way I could do that and have it look good. I really enjoyed talking to Brianna and finding out more about her and her art!


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