Wk 5: Activity-Kickstart

For this weeks activity we had to few videos on the website Kickstart, and compare what we found. I picked the categories Dance and Music. For first two videos for dance there was a lot of comparison. The first video was very professional and their purpose for needing the money was very straight forward. They need 1,065 dollars in order to go to Waterloo, Ontario for a dance competition. They introduced themselves as the Urban Groove Dance Project and showed videos of the competition and of them dancing. Their goal and video made you want to help these young group of kids achieve their dream!

The second video from the category of Dance on Kickstart was polar opposite of the first video. The entire 1 minute video was just of a group of 10 little kids dancing. There was so introduction or explanation on why they needed money or what their goal was. The kids sadly were not very good at dancing and the footage was poor and not professional what so ever. They also needed a large amount of money, roughly around 5,000 dollars and they do not even say why. I would way rather give my money to a website that gave a clear reason and explanation on where it was going too, rather then no explanation at all.

The other category I chose was Music. The first video was EXTREMELY put together. It was an amazing footage with background music of her singing and her explaining why she needed 6,000 dollars for her music video. It also showed that she had experience in the music industry and her name is Bianca Ryan. She also thanks her fans and tells everyone exactly where the money is going and how much she appreciates it. She also offers prizes for voting and free downloads of her music, which was really amazing. She also shows clips of her preforming on Americas Got Talent and shows all her successes.

The second video was not that good what so ever. It was a woman saying that she needs to her EP out, and as a non music person I have no idea what an EP is so she should explain that. Then she said that she needed 50,000 dollars to go on tour. A tour for what? You wouldn’t even know she sings or anything because she gives no clips of her singing at all. The video itself is so unprofessional and it looks like its done on her video camera on her phone because you can see her kitchen in the background. And also asking for 50,000 dollars is a lot and not giving any explanation on what it is going to be used for is kind of ridiculous. The one thing she actually does give is her name, Ellarose Obioha. Other then that no additional information is provided. The first video to the music category is straight forward and they took the time to make the video. I wouldn’t give my money to someone that gives no information on where its going. Presentation is a huge factor in these videos.

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