Wk 4: Interview with a Classmate-Heather Hopkins

The person I interviewed this week was a classmate named Heather Hopkins. I sort of knew her before from our sorority, but there was a lot I didn’t know about her. We decided to ask each other random questions so we can better get to know each other and it went a little like this.

The first question I asked was:

“If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?”

Answer: A jaguar because they are fast and sleek

I thought that was interesting because my answer would have been a lion and we obviously both like cats

The second question was:

“Whats your worst pet peeve?”

Answer: When people walk inside from the rain and their shoes squeak on the floor! Ugh, thats the worst!

When she said this I was surprised because I don’t think Ive ever heard that before as a pet peeve.

The third question I asked was:

“If you could date one person who would it be?”

Answer: Chase Crawford

I have no idea who that is to be honest.

The fourth question was:

“What does your ideal day look like?”

Answer: On set all day acting and then going out to a yummy dinner with friends and then heading over to a cool coffee shop.

I never knew she acted before so I thought that was really cool she was so into it and good at it!

And that last question I asked was:

“Whats your major?”

Answer: Fashion Merchandising

I have always wanted to do that so I thought that was really cool of her. Im super glad I got to know Heather a little bit better.

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