Wk 4: Artist Interview-Makaila Palmer

This week I interviewed an artist named Makaila Palmer and her artwork portrayed scenes of places she had visited abroad. I was instantly drawn to her paintings because there was something different about the scenic way she did her pieces of art. While talking to the artist I asked her about her travels and where she went to paint these paintings. She told me that she went to Florence and she was instantly inspired by everything there. When I asked about her painting technique she answered that she painted her paintings with thicker paint.

She said that she tried to incorporate her experiences into her pieces, and a big source of her inspiration was the currency to each place she went. In each painting she used a specific currency and used the colors that were in it and even had the code that were on the bills. I thought that was super interesting and unique. You could tell in each painting that it meant a lot too her.

While talking to her she also explained that everyone should travel abroad because it is such an amazing experience and it changed her life for the better. The last question I asked Makaila was where was her favorite place that she traveled and she answered Dublin because she is Irish. I thought she was a really good artist and that a really cool person. I am glad I got to experience her art with her.

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