Wk 3: Peer Interview – Sierra Putman

For my interview I talked with a girl named Sierra Putman. We started to talk about hobbies and what we liked to do and I found out that she likes to sleep and play with her kitty. The usual things that people like to do. She also likes to read books which I thought was super cool because I also love reading books! So we had that little fun fact in common and I was so happy. Then she said that she liked taking pictures and from there it snowballed into talking about our majors. Sierra is a film major which I think is really interesting. I love movies and I think working in that field would be such a fun job to have.

Other fun little facts about Sierra is that she is allergic to glutton and she doesn’t like to eat toast anymore because she ate it so much in the dining hall it makes her want to throw up everytime she thinks about it. Then after that interesting discussion it turned into finding out that she likes hipsters and Harry Potter. That is another thing we have in common because I think Harry Potter movies are the best in the west.

Mine and Sierras interview was really interesting and she seems like the type of person I could see myself hanging out with. I was super glad I got to meet her through this activity and get to know her better.


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