Wk 3: Artist Interview: Joshua Benz

Josh was the artist that I chose to interview for this activity. I found his art really interesting and after hearing him speak I learned a few interesting facts about him and his artwork. The first thing that Josh mentioned that he is currently a student and talked about some of the classes he was taking and one of them was anatomy for the arts. I did not even know there was a class for the anatomy of art and it sounded really interesting to me.

When he was asked what time he finds himself most productive for painting he answered that he likes to work in the middle of the night between 12 am and 5 am. I thought that was insane when I first heard that because Im usually in bed by 9 and I couldn’t imagine getting up for anything at that time, let alone painting an amazing picture. He went on further to explain why he likes to work so late and his reasoning was that theres no light pollution and his art pieces look better especially when he is painting still lives. He also mentioned that he’s always late for class because he is up all night working on his paintings so he wakes up late and his teachers don’t really like it, but its worth it because when he’s working at night he can just take a break and look outside at a beautiful view of long beach. He also said that he lives in Belmont so its nice and quiet and easier to work and think this way.

Then I asked him who was in his paintings and if he liked to use models. He said that he usually uses himself like the painting of him drinking and having a party with stuffed animals, or he will use his girlfriend. I thought that was interesting that he thought it was easier to paint himself when I would think that would be harder to do. He doesn’t always use paint for his pictures, but once in a while he will use charcoal and pastels. After the interview I got a better understanding of who Josh was and where his art came from, and I liked his art even more then I already did after it.

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