Wk 3: Activity-Instagram posts

This weeks activity dealt with posting pictures on instagram of what we do on an average day. I posted pictures of friends and activities I did on Thursday the 5th. Looking back on what I posted as well as other people I noticed that people post a lot of different things, but they are all connected in some ways. Like people posting pictures of food, but it shows how diverse we are because we all eat different things. Like what ethnicity we are can be determined on the kinds of food we eat so I thought that was really interesting. I also saw that a lot of people posted selfies. I tend to never post selfies so I saw a difference there, but it was definitely a trend with a lot of people.

Other things I noticed in the #art110s15 posts were that people posted pictures of things that they cared about. Whether it was their pets, friends, or hobbies they like to do. I saw a pattern that people post things that are important to them. We see value in those things and think that we should share them with people or our fellow classmates. We see our friends or family or hobbies as art. It kind of reminded me of that saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and through this activity I found that to be true.

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