Wk 2: Interview with Daniela Hernandez

Daniela Hernandez is my classmate whom I had the pleasure to talk with. She immediately had a good vibe about her that I knew I could connect with. We first talked about our majors and where we wanted to go in life. Her major is journalism which I thought was super interesting because I love to write. She wants to do PR work with it and basically become like Lauren Conrad. Who wouldn’t. Then we started to talk about how old we were and I found out she’s turning 19 next week! Woohoo.

Our conversation then turned into us talking about her plans and how she was going to a place called Murphy Ranch which she later explained to be an old nazi camp. I thought that was really interesting because I have never heard of it and it made me want to check it out. That was another thing I found that we had in common, we liked learning about the holocaust and the events that took place back then.

We then talked about hobbies and what we enjoyed doing. Daniela likes to mess around with photo shop and pictures. That is one thing I am extremely challenged with and I can’t take a good picture to save my life so I really admired that she was good at it because I think photography is an amazing thing to be good at. I also found out that Daniela loves to shop and her favorite store is Nordstroms. Then she told me that she was on Nordstroms fashion board for a little while which I thought was really cool. I asked if she had a job and she told me that she works at the Long Beach Museum of Art!  I thought that was very cool because I love that place and all the artwork that is in there. I really enjoyed talking with Daniela and learning more about her! She is definitely someone I could become friends with and Im glad I met her.

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