Wk 2: Artist-Maccabee Shelley

Maccabee Shelley was the artist whose art work I chose to write about for my post. His artwork was based on melting and sculpting pieces of glass. By doing this he created a unique and beautiful form of artwork. While listening to Maccabee talk about his artwork he explained that he gets inspired by environmental science and it also comes from his love of the ocean and astronomy. He also talked about how our intuitive part of our brain is so much more developed and amazing ideas from come it. He also said that the human body inspires his artwork as well because of how intricict and amazing it is.

Before he starts his piece of artwork he makes recordings of the bottles of glass and thinks about how to deal with the material and tries to connect with it. He likes to add color and different elements to the glass so he can get different textures and outcomes so they all don’t look the same. Maccabee explained that he expects his pieces of glass to go one way but when it goes another way it makes it that much cooler.

For once piece of art he explained that he was melting and heating the class from the outer edges and it created something really interesting on the inside and the middle of the piece. It was smooth on the side but in the middle it had a spike like look to it. He said that different materials melt differently so he likes chasing down different pieces of art and he learns as he goes. When I asked him what his favorite piece was he said that the two different pieces that were unattached at one point but then brought back together to join into one piece. He said that it was like the two pieces went on different journeys but were brought back together. I loved all of his artwork and thought he was extremely talented.

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