Wk 2: Activity-Graffiti

Today me and one of my fellow classmates, Hannah Drake, went to Venice Beach to check out the art wall there. Before this assignment I never really thought about graffiti being a type of art but after going to Venice I realized that it takes a lot of skill to be able to spray paint. After attempting to write my name in bubble letters I realized how unskilled I was and it made me appreciate the talent of people who graffiti.

The walls had so much expression on them, all the different images and words really stood out. After looking at the walls and taking a few pictures, we met some artists that spray painted on the walls. They explained that they loved the way graffiti looked and that it made the area and community better because it added life and meaning. Each different image or word stood for something and some people could connect to it.

After our little road trip me and Hannah attempted writing our names in bubble letters on a piece of paper before trying to do it with spray paint. We definitely struggled at first and it came out looking like weird blobs rather then letters, but after a few tries we sorta got the hang of it. This activity opened my eyes to things that I did not consider art, but now I have so much respect for people who graffiti.

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