Wk 15: Artist Interview: Nick Stiles

Nick Stiles had some amazing art pieces up in the Gatov West gallery. Even though that gallery was filled with tons of other artists and pieces, his work just grabbed my attention. The way it was displayed and the beautiful details to the drawings, it was so amazing how someone can draw something so perfect!

Stiles was born and raised in Rio Vista. I asked where Rio Vista was because I had no idea but he told me it was this little town in California located in the heart of Sacramento. I thought that was really cool because I have never been there, but I love Northern California so I said I would take a trip up there.

We then started talking about how he got into the crazy details of anatomy, because it really stands out in his drawings. He said that at a young age he was fascinated with morbidity and human anatomy. He then told me that he became skilled at anatomical structure and form of human and animals.

I asked him how he would describe his style and he said people have said it to be intense and confident. He also said that he likes to draw pictures that narrate something. Like either a mural or storyboarding. It was really fascinating to find out more about Stiles and his style. I was glad I got to into him and experience his unique artwork.



Wk 15: Student Interview: Kyle Dinsmore

Kyle Dinsmore is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and is a business major. When I asked him what he wanted to do with that major he said he wasn’t sure and did not know if he was going to stick with it yet. He said that he really enjoys math nut he doesn’t want to work behind a desk all day. Kyle is from around here, specifically Fountain Valley.

In Kyle’s free time he likes to play basketball with his friends and loves to do outdoorsy things like hiking and going to the beach. I asked Kyle if he had any plans for the summer and he said that he is hoping to get a job at the Hyatt in Huntington. He has friends that also work there and he wants to work with them and be near the beach. He is also planning on going to New York to visit his family.

On the topic of traveling I asked Kyle if he could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? His answer was Australia and Tahiti! I thought that was so funny because the two main places I really want to go is somewhere tropical and Australia as well! Then we somehow got on the topic of cake and its different flavors so I asked him what his favorite flavor of cake was and he answered marble cake. I asked what that was and he said it was kind of like a bundt cake but all throughout the cake had both vanilla and chocolate batter. He said he would top off his cake with oreos and cherries! It was really cool getting to know Kyle more, and I hope he has a great summer filled with marble cake.

Wk 14: Artist Interview: Maritza Reyes Munguia

Today when I walked into the gallery I saw this amazing art piece that stood out! It had an amazing color scheme and it was 3D and things were coming out of the wall! It was really beautiful! So I told myself that I had to find out more about this artist! Munguia sees herself as an adventurer and a risk taker! I can see that through her art piece because it is so bold and different. For this piece of art she decided to move away from art on a canvas. She went with paper as her medium because she can do so much with it!

She explained that she can add and remove and reconstruct with paper and it makes the piece so much more interesting. She likes the shadows that it casts as well and she wants the viewer to see what they see because the pattern can be taken in so many different ways. Munguia takes pleasure in exploring all the different ways the paper goes and the shadows that are created.

She likes that she can repeat patterns and colors and space and make a beautiful piece of art that everyone can see but interpret differently. Either with certain memories in space and time. I really enjoyed learning more about this artist and finding out how she came up with the idea of using paper and coming up with this beautiful art piece.


Wk 14: Classmate Interview: Monica Navarro

For this weeks interview I got to talk too Monica! I learned a lot about her and one of the things that I learned was that she is a third year who is a sociology major. She used to do that with criminal justice but she did research about that major and it scared her and so now she changed it to human resources. I can relate to being scared of a major because I too changed my Bio major once I found out how hard it was and how much schooling I had to do. So after I found out that we had that in common I found out she also is from the area. She grew up in Bellflower and went to Bellflower High, and her and my high school played against each other in sports! The sport she played in high school was soccer and I thought that was really cool because all my best friends played soccer as well.

Then she told me she played on the inner mural soccer team her first year in college but realized it was too hard to do once she got a job. She now works in Bellflower at a park! She organizes events at the park for kids and parties and fundraisers! She says she loves her job, especially in the summer because she gets to work with all the kids!

Monica loves to play sports and go to Dodger games and hang out with her friends and eat food! Those are all the things that I love to do as well! Except Im an Angel fan. I asked her if she ever lived in the dorms and she said no that she lives at home and commutes! I then asked her what her favorite movie was and she said she doesn’t watch movies! So then I asked what her favorite book was and she replied she doesn’t read books! Then I asked her what her favorite T.V. show was and she laughed and said that she also doesn’t really watch tv. She explained that she is so busy with school and work that she rarely has time to do those things! I understand that because as college students its hard to balance everything! It was really great to meet Monica and get to know her better!


Wk 13: Artist Interview: Shihori Nakayama

My other artist that I got to interview this week was Shihori Nakayama. Her pieces of work were amazing and I really enjoyed her show! While talking with her I learned that her pieces of art were based off of her personal life. Most of her artwork were about people and places that are extremely important to her. Her artwork was created from imagination but based off of her memories using personal photographs.

She specifically redraws from those photographs and tries to reclaim those memories and create a visual interpretation of how she feels during those times. Either with those specific individuals are places. Her choices of tools to create these beautiful pieces of artwork were pen and ink and also printmaking. Her art pieces were so beautiful and delicate looking! As soon as I walked into Nakayamas show I fell in love with all the light colors and beautiful canvases of art. Shihori also explained that many of the pieces came from her favorite childhood stories she once loved.

She wants to engage her viewers and let them into her life experiences through her art. Her art shows pieces of her life and what is important to her. Nakayama loves showing her art and it is one of the main reason she loves to draw and create her beautiful pieces of art. Her art is her voice she says and it is telling her side of the story! I really enjoyed her beautiful artwork and her beautiful words! I loved Nakayamas show!


Wk 13: Student Interview: Matt Do

My other classmate that I had the honor of talking with this week was Matt Do! I have met him before and I am shocked its taken me this long to interview him because he seems like such a cool guy, but better late then never! So during our interview I learned interesting things about Matt. For one he loves going to the beach! Anything to do with the ocean he loves. For example he loves to surf and body surf! I learned that he is also a lifeguard at Huntington, and so I obviously asked if he’s saved anyone before and his answer was yes! He has saved a bunch of people, which I thought was pretty cool.

Matt is from Huntington Beach and has been a lifeguard there for four years! He later told me that overall he has saved over 400 lives. I thought that was insane because Ive never even saved one life. Besides being at the beach he loves to hangout with his friends! I then learned that he went to Edison High School, and is a second year here at Cal State Long Beach.

He is a Nutrition Major and he wants to be a Firefighter or a Paramedic when he graduates, which I also thought was cool because I guess he just loves to save lives. I really enjoyed getting to finally interview Matt and getting to know him better!


Wk 13: Artist Interview: Marty Knop

For this week I decided to interview the very talented artist, Marty Knop. As soon as I walked into the gallery I realized how amazing the art pieces were! They were so different then everything Ive seen so I had to know more about what went into making these awesome art pieces! I learned that Knop used computer imaging to create these masterpieces. He came up with algorithms and codes to develop the designs. After manipulating and altering the data off the computer he came up with these amazing designs that almost look like a painting or drawing.

He also explained that his artwork is really tied to math in a beautiful way. Knop said that shapes are best described through mathematical notation. Knop said generating the shapes on a computer leads to various amounts of shapes and forms. Knop loves patterns and randomness and tries to incorporate that into his work. If art is random it contains a lot of information and it helps it not to be repetitive. He also explained that he tried to use simple yet random patterning so his art viewers will be well stimulated and engaged.

I found Knop’s art to be both of things! I really enjoyed talking with him and learning more about his art because I would have never guess he used a computer to generate all those fun patterns. I admire his work because I could not imagine how tough it would be to come up with those codes to create such amazing art!